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“The ULTIMATE Club Dance System Designed To Take Your Club Dance Experience To Another Level”

(MEN) Felt clueless and even helpless on the dance floor with a girl?
(MEN) Got good signals from a girl, but couldn’t muster the courage to take things further on the dance floor because you didn’t know what to do?
(MEN) Lost the attraction on the dance floor because of your bad dancing or being unable to move things forward?
Got tired of dancingthe same steps all night.. and started getting bored of clubs altogether?
Wanted to learn how to grind properlyor wanted to do more than the same grinding move all night?
Stood on the side watching the dance floor and not knowing how to be part of the party?
(LADIES) Wished that guys in the clubs could do more than just the same dirty grind?
Wanted some great moves that are fairly easy to do?
Wanted to have more funon the dance floor at a party, wedding, or social?

ARE YOU READY TO TRANSFORM YOUR CLUBBING EXPERIENCE?  I’ve spent several years going to nightclubs and wondering if there could be more to club dancing than just dancing the same moves all night or dirty grinding.

Coming from a dance, personal improvement, and dating coach background, I started experimenting with dance moves to improve.  My Club Dance Style soon started turning eyes, and I knew I had something.  I was having a blast at the clubs, and the girls I danced with loved it.

I developed the system further by teaching students, testing rigorously in the clubs, until I could put it all together, which I offer to you today.

Club Dance Partnering is more than an innovative set of dance moves.  Combined with the moves in the individual series, you’ll learn to mix and integrate the moves, adapt them to different styles of club music, add personal style, and use attraction concepts to make an impact on the dancefloor.

All together, it’s part of my Club Dance Style System.

“Great For Beginners.  Plenty Of Seductive Moves For Those Who Want More. ALL Club-Tested.”

  As many of my students are beginners, I’ve designed my programs accordingly, so you can start easy and finish strong.  In Club Dance Partnering Level 1, you’ll learn dance moves and combinations that are easy to do yet are incredibly fun .

In Club Dance Partnering Level 2, a little more confidence will be required from the guys.   The moves won’t be much harder, but they’ll be more seductive in nature and the styling will be more focused to the music (musicality).

You’ll learn how to initiate a dance with a girl, and do some fun and interesting dance moves that no other guys are doing to get women interested.  From there, you’re in the driver’s seat:  Get close, get more seductive, and heat things  up between you two.

  The material covered in Club Dance Partneringis not just a set of made-up moves and thought would look good in the clubs.  The program has taken years to put together, through countless hours in the clubs and teaching to men, women, and couples.  Because of this, they are GUARANTEED to work.


REAL Girls And The “Pickup” Part Of PICKUPDANCE

One of the most common questions I get is if the name PICKUPDANCE related to picking up women?

I’m not going to deny it – the answer is yes, because after all, going to clubs is heavily about attracting the other sex.  I got into pickup years ago, and  used to be a dating coach (the old website is still up here).

The girls are REAL, I’ve met them in the clubs, and the concepts I cover several attraction related concepts in the programs.

This is really important for me because it shows that my program is genuine, the material works, and the on-screen chemistry between my dance partners and I is REAL.  These concepts are touched upon in all my programs, but definitely are covered more in the Club Dance Partnering Level 2 progam.

There’s nothing sleazy about the “pickup” part.  Being socially confident is all of personal improvement.  This is something I firmly believe in and I even have have a personal development blog all about this.  My program is definitely an investment in yourself.

  Club Dance Partnering is the result of a lot of hard work and experience.  Don’t be fooled by copycats.  My work is club-tested and proven to work, and my teaching experience shines through.  This is the REAL DEAL.

“REAL Club Dance Moves.  REAL Club Music.  REAL Girls.  Built Ground-Up from REAL Club Experiences.”

Th Club Dance Partnering Series Features:

  • Simple fun starter moves to get women interested and opened up
  • Several sexy grinds and variations GUARANTEED to make the dance floor sizzle
  • Important demos to show you how to integrate the moves
  • Over 50 different commerical club tracks covering everything: Hip Hop, House, Electro, Reggaeton, Urban Pop, Top 40 Dance, Techno, Rave, and Rock
  • (NEW!) Mobile App to help you if you need it
  • Access to the VIP section of the website where you’ll get lots more content to help you along the way
  • Several real (and sexy) dance partners!
  • Attraction tips and concepts to make you noticed
  • Seductive dance moves to close the deal on the dance floor

Attention Single Ladies: It’s recommended you find a dance partner or friend (doesn’t have to be a guy!) to learn these moves with.