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Club Dance Lessons For Men

Club Dance Partnering Lessons

“Are You Ready To Start Or Improve Your Dancing In The Clubs?  Do You Want To Build Confidence, Rhythm, And Attraction?”

Said to yourself “I have no rhythm” or “I can’t dance“?
Needed alcohol to get dancing and only ended up dancing like … a drunk?
Didn’t know what to do when the increasingly popular Latin (Merengue, Reggaeton, Salsa) songs were played?
Had a wedding or social to attend and stayed on the sidelines? Wanted more dance moves other than rocking side to side?
Wanted to actually have FUN in a night club or anywhere there’s dancing?
Got tired of the same boring club experience and wanted a NIGHT TO REMEMBER?
Thought that you were the WORST DANCER IN THE WORLD?
Met a great girl, but blew it on the dance floor?
Just wanted to dance comfortably in a club?
Wanted some moves to dance to with your girlfriend?

Don’t Worry!  The Simple Dance System I’ve Created From Teaching Actual Guys How To Dance In Night Clubs Will Get You Joining The Party On The Dance Floor And Beyond!

Most guys stand around the bar uncomfortably with a drink in their hand staring at the women and a handful of guys having fun.The 80/20 principle definitely applies here – 20% of the guys are having 80% of the fun and socializing!  (I might even say it’s closer to 90/10)

Club Dance Girls

Dancing gives you confidence and it’s a great social skill.  Regarding attraction, being fun combined with leading on the dance floor differentiates you from the quiet, nice guys (but unfortunately generic) on the sidelines or the creepy guys who just want to grind with girls.  EVERY GIRL I’ve met agrees that if a guy can dance, it makes him much more attractive.  More importantly, dancing is just a freeing, fun activity that melts away stress.

“What If I Have No Rhythm?”

I hear this all the time.  Like I said, don’t worry about it.  Fortunately, with some practice, rhythm can be learned.  I’m not kidding.  I’ve worked a lot of guys who have had trouble in this area and have helped them all understand the music better. You can start by reading some of my articles and stay tuned for upcoming online video rhythm lessons – from to some easy beginner songs to intermediate popular songs.  On my DVD, I dive deep into tackling rhythm with you through simple exercises and some clever tips.  I take things slowly and all the lessons are repeatable until you nail your rhythm down!


Simple But Effective Dance System

I am an experienced dancer with a background in latin, hip hop, freestyle, house, jazz, and funky street styles (popping, locking).  THE REAL MAGIC is where I’ve mixed these different dance styles to suit the different music genres in the club.   This results in a fun, energetic dance that’s fun to dance on my own or one that girls love because it seems choreographed, like what you see on the show So You Think You Can Dance.  Many girls I’ve danced with have told me that dancing with me was the best dance they’ve had in their life.  I’ve broken down the best and simplest parts of my dancing in addition to all the dancing I’ve seen in person and created a system I call the Club Dance Style to get you dancing from ground up.   If you’re still having trouble, the forums as well asprivate dance lessons will get you on your way for sure!

Real Moves Created From Real Situations

Club Dance PartyThe dance moves I teach are NOT some random moves I pulled out of thin air thinking they would look good in the clubs.  These are actual dance moves that I have tried out and refined in the clubs over a period of years!  I’ve then further refined and categorized their difficulty based on teaching actual guys how to dance, including many outings to watch my students succeed on the dance floor.  When you watch the videos, it’s really obvious my dance system was carefully developed from my teaching experiences.  My DVD is a no-frills production, but that’s because I’ve spent over 95% of the time developing the content, the real heart of any instructional video.  You’ll see that I go through each move slowly and point out common problems and mistakes guys typically encounter when doing the moves I cover.  It’s real, practical content.  The cut scenes aren’t rehearsed.  I sneaked a camera to the clubs and filmed real clips of me dancing and meeting women.

I started teaching night club dancing for men after some guys watching me dance asked me if I could teach them.  It’s been a great experience, because by working directly with guys, I can see where the “I’m a white guy with no rhythm” joke comes from, and have developed an effective dance system geared for the clubs.

Club Dance FunI know how clubs can be intimidating.  I’VE BEEN THERE.  I used to hate clubs and didn’t go very often when I was younger because I felt the dancing was repetitive and the environment was socially isolating – I just stuck to my group of friends the whole night.  I also know what it’s like to be intimidated by the dance floor, to stand on the sidelines or at the bar watching other guys steal the show or helplessly staring at a group of cute girls dancing while the night slowly drags on uneventfully.  But once I started learning all the different styles of dance, and figured out that I could do almost anything in a night club, my spirit was re-ignited, my confidence soared, and night clubs became really fun dancing experiences.

Dancing WILL BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE.  I am a HUGE fan of personal development and even run my own website on this topic.  I’ve seen the smiles and changes men make by learning how to dance.  I myself am a living example.  Let’s face it.  You probably have many years ahead of you, and TONS OF OPPORTUNITIES for you to dance.  Dancing is the spice of life, and it’s never too late to start.

Go From Zero To Hero On The Dance Floor

At first, we’ll cover rhythm, basic steps, and how to get comfortable.  As you get better, future DVD’s will cover popping, turns, body isolations, musicality, styling, and leading – if these sound foreign,don’t worry, the dancing I teach is less technical and more hands-on.  I will guide you into the world of club dancing and help tune you into a better dancer, leading you one-on-one through all styles of night club/lounge music: Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40 Dance, Reggaeton, Techno/Trance, House, Latin, Disco, Funk, Rock, and beyond.

Join the revolution of men and women dancing together and having the most amazing times of their lives in clubs and socials!
“The Night Clubs Are On, Everyone’s Dancing, And So Can You!”

Club Dance For Men Level 1 DVD And Download